Polygiene and Catchbox Partnership Creates Antimicrobial Wireless Microphones for Safer Use

Ploygiene antimicrobial case for Catchbox micThe last thing people want to do in a post-COVID-19 world is share a microphone. Catchbox, creators of the throwable microphone, have attempted to fix this by partnering with Swedish company Polygiene to create an antimicrobial cover for its wireless microphones. Both the Catchbox cover fabric and microphone foam cap are treated with Polygiene ViralOff, claimed to reduce micro-organisms on the material by over 99%.

All versions of the Catchbox throwable wireless microphone use the same soft cover design. The cover fabric is treated with Polygiene ViralOff during production, making the antimicrobial technology durable without affecting the Catchbox’s dirt- and water-repellent properties.

Polygiene ViralOff was developed as an answer to the acute situation of the coronavirus pandemic but is also a long-term solution that helps hygiene and protection factors of treated materials. Polygiene ViralOff products are due to be available in September.