Pliant Technologies Releases CrewCom v1.14 Firmware, Software Update

pliant technologies crewcom

Pliant Technologies announced the release of a new CrewCom firmware and software update, v1.14. The latest update includes several enhancements to CrewCom’s already long list of capabilities, such as the support of two additional hardware devices, convenient new features and several key improvements to CrewWare control software to strengthen the user experience. Pliant will be featuring these latest enhancements at InfoComm 2023 (Booth 4854).

With the new v1.14 firmware update, CrewCom now supports the addition of the new IP-rated lineup of Radio Transceivers (RTs), and the current CrewCom CRP-12 series of Radio Packs (RPs). CrewWare v1.14 includes a unique UI display in the system diagram of CrewWare that automatically detects the new IP-rated RT hardware and shows when it is in use, as well as the indication of corresponding new model numbers in the detail and device list views.

Specifically for the CRP-12 Radio Packs (previously available only for the CB2 system), this new release also adds dual listen/single talk functionality, giving users the ability to simultaneously listen to two pre-selected conferences on a single volume belt pack while also allowing them to talk on either one of those conferences. Software UI additions and modifications have also been made to display the new Radio Pack support as well as to indicate dual listen/single talk capabilities.

Using the new Ping Function feature, it is now possible to activate, from within the software, a device location function called Ping on both the RTs as well as the RPs. For the RT, when activating ping, both the top ping light and the mode LED on the bottom of the transceiver will blink to facilitate the location of a specific device. For the RP, when activated, ping will cause the backlight of the LCD display (or LEDs in the case of the CRP-12) to blink until deactivated by the operator. In order to facilitate the location of a specific RP or RT, ping indications remain latched on until the device has been found and the operator manually disables the function.

Additionally, the CrewWare system’s display of the Radio Transceiver now has the ability to quickly see each device’s antenna selection status. It will now graphically indicate if it is in Dual (two antennas) or Single (Left or Right) modes.