Pliant Technologies Expands Line of Headsets for Production Environments

pliant technologies smartboom

Pliant Technologies’ expanded line of SmartBoom LITE and SmartBoom PRO headsets are specifically for production environments. The complete line of communications headsets includes a flip-up microphone feature that acts as an on/off switch for mic control, which can help keep noise and distractions to a minimum.

Featuring a single-ear lightweight design, the SmartBoom LITE Headset (PHS-SB11L) offers enhanced voice-optimized dynamic or electret microphone options, a low-distortion speaker and a foam earpad.

SmartBoom PRO headsets, offered in both single (PHS-SB110) and dual-ear (PHS-SB210) variations, are available in terminations for almost any application and provide high ambient noise reduction and high-quality, clear audio. SmartBoom PRO headsets also feature a collapsible earpiece design with field-replaceable cable, windscreens and padding for the ear, headband and temple.

Available in four-pin, five-pin, unterminated and dual 3.5-mm connectors, SmartBoom LITE and PRO Headsets feature a non-reflective rubberized matte black finish. Additionally, the headsets’ design allows for either right- or left-side use. Both models have a low clamping force, soft ear cup padding, and adjustable headband to provide an ideal fit for comfortable all-day wear and less ear fatigue.