Pliant Technologies Debuts CrewCom Radio Transceivers

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Pliant Technologies debuted the CrewCom IP-Rated Radio Transceivers (RTs) today. The new RTs are the latest addition to the flagship CrewCom wireless intercom line. They are available in both 900MHz and 2.4GHz versions and are ideal for broadcasters and any live event where outdoor placement of transceivers for wireless coverage is required.

Available in four models: 900MHz for North America, 900MHz for Oceania, 2.4GHz for CE countries and 2.4GHz for all other areas, the new line of highly weather resistant IP-rated RTs provides wireless intercom coverage where needed, without any concern regarding weather related issues.

The RTs feature a durable ABS plastic housing along with silicone-molded connector covers to ensure moisture ingress protection for unused connections. In addition, an updated power connector (for use with the optional PPS-48V-02 Power Supply) has also been added to allow for a push/pull quick-release connection and disconnection.

The IP-rated RT supports seamless roaming and can be software selected for either six Normal mode users or 32 High Density users and is 100 percent compatible with all CrewCom systems and existing transceivers.