Pliant Technologies Announces CrewCom v1.10 Firmware and Software Update

Pliant Technologies CrewCom v1.10 Update.Pliant Technologies announced the CrewCom v1.10 Update. Version 1.10 is the latest firmware and software update and adds two new major features and several enhancements. The new upgrade is free of charge and is now available for direct download from the company website.

Included in the update is the new High Density mode, a selectable mode of operation that allows user densities to increase by more than fivefold. This new software-selectable mode supports up to 32 Radio Packs (RPs) on a single Radio Transceiver (RT) while allowing any of the RPs to communicate using four available full-duplex talk paths. Users will also have the ability to simultaneously deploy “Normal” mode-enabled RPs and RTs along with High Density mode-enabled hardware, providing adaptability for application-specific setups.

The update also includes a new Auto Configuration function. This provides a series of menus that walks users through the setup process by plugging in the needed hardware using standard Cat-5e/6 or fiber connections, turning on the Control Unit (CU) and selecting the Auto Configure menu option. If more customization is required or a larger system with more than three RTs needs to be deployed, the CrewWare application can be used to create a tailored system configuration specific to the application.

Further improvements provided by v1.10 include external sync indication on both the CU and in CrewWare, auto system reboot when changing applicable system setup parameters, remote microphone kill per conference and a new RP Summary menu added to the CU.