PlexusAV Adds Functionality to Its Flagship IPMX Transceiver

plexusav infocomm 2024

PlexusAV announced enhancements to its flagship product, the P-AVN-4 IPMX Transceiver. IPMX, or Internet Protocol Media Experience, is a new standard for AV-over-IP transmission, and the P-AVN-4 is one of the “first products to support it.” The P-AVN-4 now offers expanded functionality with the addition of KVM and webcam support via USB-C. This milestone marks the first time such features have been integrated into products supporting IPMX.

The integration of KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) support empowers users to manage multiple computers from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup, streamlining operations. Moreover, the added webcam support via USB-C provides seamless video communication capabilities, catering to the demand for high-quality videoconferencing and collaboration tools.