Please Help Our AV Friends

jdsystemsThis morning I was catching up with posting our Women in AV demographic survey across our social media. While it is important to us and something we value, I couldn’t help but throw it all away as soon as I saw JD Systems’ post. We’ll make sure to advance women forward, but realizing the extent of who our colleagues are and what they are going through right now should give us all pause for thought and redirect our efforts.

JD Systems is a New York-based company who has supported Women in AV all the time and represents the heart of what we are as an AV industry. For those who may not be on Twitter, every Friday they give a shout out to us WAVE and have been doing so for the past year. Thank you very much! While I have never met Jonathan or Jak in person, I feel we are friends and completely support their company. They have integrity, they support our entire industry day in and out, and their AV solutions are second to none.

I personally have always loved seeing owners who get “their hands dirty” and are living what they preach. But, I was blown away today when I saw the type of company and people they are for reaching out to support their community — in spite of what they are going through themselves. You see, I knew they were from New York, but I never knew they were from Staten Island — one of the the hardest hit areas of Hurricane Sandy and one of the oft-most overlooked places. And, to see their blog about how they are helping the people and their community blew me away. Here

We all know people and companies who were affected by Hurricane Sandy along the New England coast. But, JD Systems represents the heart of who we are as an industry and why I think we should help them every way we can. They have offered to come pick up supplies if you can’t make it. That’s incredible considering the last thing on their mind is themselves. I would love to see if we can help them as an industry say, Thank You, we can’t take anymore!!

This is our colleague and friend that has never asked for help. Not only that, but faced with the greatest adversity for their business — all they care about is helping everyone else.

So, please consider helping them and let’s come together to help Staten Island. Not only are you NOT forgotten, but we are here for you and very proud to of you and to help you in anyway we can.