PLAZAMEDIA Uses Alfalite LED Wall in New Hybrid Studio for Broadcasting FIFA World Cup

alfalite plazamedia

A 132-square-metre LED wall from Alfalite, a European manufacturer of LED screens, is being used for PLAZAMEDIA‘s new hybrid studio near Munich to broadcast all the FIFA World Cup matches from Qatar. The TV set is using camera tracking and multi-camera systems from Mo-Sys.

PLAZAMEDIA GmbH is a top live entertainment and sporting events producer and established provider of intelligent digital content solutions in Germany. They have chosen an Alfalite Modularpix Pro VP XR 1.9 ORIM 33-meter-wide and 3.5-meter-high curved U-shaped LED wall for their new hybrid studio at the AGROB Medienpark to broadcast the 64 FIFA games from Qatar, including 23 live matches. Deutsche Telekom will air all 64 2022 FIFA World Cup matches live on MagentaTV.

Mo-Sys and the Spanish company Alfalite installed the ORIM LED wall in record time, surprising and pleasing PLAZAMEDIA. ORIM (Optical Resin Injection Module) technology is a new termination system for LED panels through an injection of optical resin that improves precision between modules (<0.5mm). It also provides a magnified 175º horizontal and vertical viewing angle.

LED panels with ORIM technology have superior antistatic electricity protection (ESD > 10kV), improved thermal dissipation parameters, and excellent resistance to impacts, liquids, chemicals and fire (with UL94 compliance). They are also easier to clean, suffer less deterioration and have the shortest repair time on the market.

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The Alfalite Modularpix Pro VP XR model has a fine pixel pitch of 1.9 millimetres, optical parameters, and brightness cd/m2 > 1,800 nits. This product has revolutionised the LED screen market, providing a solution for virtual production or mixed reality for broadcasting, film, series or advertising productions.

Two extra features make Alfalite panels stand out from other LED panels in the market. One is the low average consumption (35 watts), and the other is the low levels of electromagnetic compatibility (Certification EMC), which allow Alfalite panels to coexist with other electronic systems without interference, as is often the case on TV studios or film sets.

The 350-square-meter hybrid studio set will combine existing set architecture, and physical media feeds with a digitally generated virtual extension (“augmented reality”) in a 360° world. Four cameras will interplay virtual and real elements in real-time from the giant Alfalite LED wall during the 29-day FIFA World Cup Event.

To ensure that all camera movements are being transferred to the virtual world, the position of the four studio cameras will be constantly tracked and the data transferred to the render engines using Mo-Sys Startracker camera tracking system and Mo-Sys broadcast Mixed Reality system (bMR).

Jesús Cabrera, CEO of Alfalite, said, “We are thrilled that a prestigious company as PLAZAMEDIA chose ORIM LED Wall for their new and innovative XR LED Studio”. He added, “It’s great to work with these technology partners and continue improving our technology with Mo-Sys.”