Plateau Virtuel Implements Smode Tech’s SMODE Software Solution


Smode Tech’s software solution SMODE, has been selected by Plateau Virtuel, the new owner of the Paris Grenelle broadcast studio (in the 15th arrondissement), to help transform the facility into a “state-of-the-art broadcast production environment.” With the implementation of SMODE, the studio will “modernize and streamline” its visual and technical studio capabilities.

Part of the Novelty-Magnum-Dushow Group, Plateau Virtuel took over the activity and equipment of the Les Echos-Le Parisien Group’s studio in February 2023. The fully equipped studio setup comprises 28 screens, complemented by seven HD800 Sony cameras, lighting fixtures spanning four different zones, two travelling cameras and a G1 Sony mixer. At the heart of this production lies two SMODE media servers, managing the 28 Full HD screens in portrait mode – some standing independently while others are grouped in threes to create an almost 16:9 format.

One of the key advantages of adopting SMODE software lies in the reduction of hardware requirements, according to the company. Previously, the film set relied on a cumbersome system comprising 20 to 30 different machines. By integrating SMODE, this infrastructure has been replaced by a streamlined setup consisting of only two Smode Live media servers.

SMODE says replacing the machines with only three active SMODE servers (plus one spare) have substantially helped with energy savings and the utilization of space.

“The transition from the previous system to SMODE has not only significantly reduced physical footprint, but also minimized our environmental impact. We have seen a noticeable decrease in UPS consumption and the required air conditioning within the studio,” said Nicolas Gitton, video technical director at Novelty.

To manage the video streams, two servers feed 16 and 12 screens respectively, while the third handles on-air packaging. A fourth server is available as a back-up spare to ensure operations throughout the SMODE chain, with synchronized commands changing between the servers.

“SMODE’s all-in-one interface provides a comprehensive overview of the whole project, allowing users to seamlessly navigate between the global view of the system and specific elements within it,” said Norberto Tomaz, technical director of the Paris Grenelle studio.

Embracing SMODE technology, Plateau Virtuel aims to “revolutionize the film set and create an unparalleled production environment that combines cutting-edge technologies, operational efficiency and creative flexibility.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Plateau Virtuel and help them revolutionise the film production landscape on Boulevard de Grenelle,” said Francis Maes, CEO of Smode Tech. “By choosing SMODE, Plateau Virtuel showcases its commitment to innovation while streamlining operations and reducing resource consumption.”