Planar, Optitrack Announce Planar Studios Virtual Production Workshop

planar studios virtual production workshop

Planar and OptiTrack announced the launch of the Planar Studios Virtual Production Workshop, a week-long, immersive series designed to help the AV and IT communities effectively identify, design, deploy and support virtual production (VP) and extended reality (XR) projects. The workshop will feature technology sessions covering LED display technology, motion capture, video processing, content engines, video cameras, studio lighting and volume integration.

Planar Studios is a cooperative initiative designed to “bring together experts, thought leaders and companies dedicated to the advancement of VP and XR.” Planar and OptiTrack say the goal is to help make VP and XR solutions more accessible and streamlined in mainstream markets.

“VP and XR is a fast-growing market and as global leaders with established histories of delivering state-of-the-art display and optical tracking technologies, Planar and OptiTrack are strongly positioned to lay a framework for the AV and IT communities,” said Planar and OptiTrack Executive Vice President Stephanie Hines. “The potential of VP and XR is widespread, transforming the way companies present content in entertainment, corporate, education and beyond. Planar and OptiTrack are dedicated to helping make this a reality for all.”

Kicking off this month, Planar and OptiTrack will host the workshops at Planar’s Hillsboro, Oregon, headquarters. In addition to learning about LED display technology design and motion capture for VP and XR applications from Planar and OptiTrack, August workshop attendees will experience trainings from a broad range of organizations, including experts from Brompton Technology, Pixera, RED, optic8 and Kino Flo Lighting Systems. Participating organizations will vary from workshop to workshop but topic areas will remain consistent.

The new workshops are being held monthly and will feature a special guest sharing real-world experiences and key learnings. Registration is currently open for workshops taking place Aug. 21-25, as well as periodic sessions in the coming months.

“The ProAV and IT industries are being called upon to deploy VP and XR solutions, which presents new questions and opportunities that are outside of the traditional AV or IT role,” said Planar and OptiTrack Executive Vice President Adam Schmidt. “Our new Planar Studios Virtual Production Workshop is comprehensive, offering a thorough overview of the many components that go into a successful deployment. We’re honored to help guide the industry with such a diverse and notable group of technology experts.”

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Each workshop will include the following sessions:

  • Evening Welcome Reception: Check out the volume at Planar headquarters while connecting with other VP and XR technology enthusiasts.
  • LED Displays: In this AVIXA CTS-approved course, learn how to implement LED into VP and XR, including an all-encompassing look at the important qualities, features and specifications. Learn about maximizing use of display technology, including display options, site preparation, mounting, installation and alignment.
  • Video Processing: Explore LED processing functionality and key features such as on-screen image manipulation, color calibration and other workflows.
  • Motion Capture: Dive into the essential elements of motion capture and camera tracking technology that enable accurate, dynamic on-screen content.
  • Content Engines: Get an introduction to the media servers and software platforms used for VP, including best practices, tips and tricks.
  • Video Cameras: Review digital cinematography options as camera manufacturers cover everything from shutter and lensing features to color control and more.
  • Studio Lighting: Walk through cinema-graphic and studio lighting concepts and techniques, in addition to becoming familiar with using different fixture types for traditional and VP and XR-specific applications.
  • Volume Integration: Combine the various technologies that are key in implementing a successful VP and XR volume and walk away with real-world knowledge from a special guest.

The Planar Studios Virtual Production Workshop is presented by Planar Academy, which offers a broad selection of in-person and online training courses designed to help AV professionals expand and enhance their knowledge and skills while earning valuable continuing education credits. The Planar Studios Virtual Production Workshop registration: