PLANAR Makes it Clear It Is Delivering MicroLEDs Now

planar microled

The Sony CLED has been the torchbearer for microLED’s wow factor for four years now. Everyone remembers the first time they saw it at InfoComm in the Sony booth. It was and continues to be a, “wow, that’s an amazing image” kind of thing — over and over.

But, the CLED from Sony has been a custom-order item — until it ships the B and C-series in early winter — and started at $1 million. I think Apple’s probably purchased the most of them as you see them all over the new Apple Store design. And, Samsung’s The Wall has always been the, “isn’t that the same technology as Sony’s Crystal LED?” player on the market in microLED technology. But, again, it’s custom order. Samsung’s goal is to make it the replacement for the laser projector in movie theaters, too.

PLANAR, although late to the market, has a differentiated message for its new microLEDs — we are delivering from stock now — the company said as much with this new launch video that’s clearly aimed at both Sony and Samsung:

Wow, huh?

PLANAR’s microLEDs are included in its DirectLight Ultra Complete lineup of 108” to 217” all-in-one displays and, according to the video above, the company can ship them right out of stock today. So, if you’ve been wow-ed by microLED and been wanting to spec one in a project or buy them for rental inventory, they’re shipping.