PK Sound Releases Trinity 10

PK Sound has released Trinity 10 that uses the identical voicing as the full-size Trinity module. Like the larger version, the Trinity 10 is configured remotely, providing advanced users with a new set of tools and control over the vertical and horizontal polar directivity of the entire array. In addition, Trinity 10 is powered by a 3000 W Class D amplifier.

Voiced exactly the same as the larger Trinity module, the Trinity 10 uses the same high and mid frequency components and waveguide design. Each Trinity 10 module features a Coherent Midrange Integrator (CMI) to combine mid high range frequencies, as well as low frequency apertures for controlled directivity. The CMI waveguide is variably adjustable from 50 to 120 degrees, both symmetrically and asymmetrically.

Trinity 10 is equipped with dual bandpass loaded, 10-inch transducers and two 6.5-inch midrange transducers coupled to a CMI waveguide through phase plugs specifically designed to increase sensitivity. Trinity 10 also features a dual driver high frequency compression device coupled directly to an integrated planar waveguide.

PK Sound’s Kontrol software lets users access the internal functions of each module remotely — including safety and DSP — so that each array can be flown straight and adjusted in the air. PK Sound’s Kontrol Auto-Array feature communicates with each module and automatically arranges modules into the proper position in each array.

Trinity 10 also uses Auto-Align, a rigging system that is remotely adjustable from 0 degrees to 12 degrees in 0.1-degree increments. Auto-Align removes the need for rigging links, reducing setup time and increasing safety. And the Trinity 10 system stacks on carts four or six high with a fly bar that remains attached during transport.

In addition to vertical directivity, Trinity 10 provides 25 individual horizontal directivity options that can be arranged in any order in the array and fine-tuned on the fly, giving users the flexibility to change the directivity of the system to suit any number of audience configurations in a multitude of different venues.

Here are the details.