PK Sound Releases New Version of .dynamics Robotic System Control Software

pk sound v1.0

PK Sound, the robotic line array company, has formally released V1.0 of its PK .dynamics robotic system control software for Windows and macOS. Combining every stage of the modern live sound workflow in a single solution, .dynamics lets users take their designs from conception to the real world with the flexibility of real-time coverage adjustments even after the system is flown.

Here’s a video of the actual launch of it earlier this month:

The toolset provided in .dynamics V1.0 includes the Venue tab, where users create, simulate and prepare the virtual workspace; the System tab, where they discover, identify and match real-world sources with the simulation; Robotics, where the system’s multi-axis coverage is articulated and optimized; Tune, where users apply EQ and adjust system parameters through onboard DSP; Live, where users monitor system performance in real-time; and Status, where they can manage diagnostics and log service notes directly in the loudspeaker modules if needed.

Built on an Electron backbone, PK .dynamics employs HTML5, Sass, and TypeScript to provide a robust user experience and modern design. Leveraging a microservice-based architecture for flexibility and scalability, the application offers a consistently evolving feature set. This architecture allows .dynamics to drive PK Sound products using the AES70 standard over a Milan-ready AVB network.

All the details as well as download links for both Windows and macOS are available at