PixelFLEX VisionPro HD Is Pre-Packaged LED Wall (on Wheels)

PixelFLEX LED just launched VisionPro HD, a giant LED-based Smart TV of sorts. VisionPro HD is constructed with a reflection-free surface, to reduce any room or light interference, is bezel-less, since it’s LED and is available in four models; a 110-inch display at 1.2mm pixel pitch, a 138-inch display at 1.5mm pixel pitch, a 165-inch display at 1.9mm pixel pitch, and a 220-inch display at 2.5mm pixel pitch, all in native HD resolution (1920×1080).

Standard with a built-in media player and an Android-based user interface with remote and keyboard, VisionPro HD provides access to all the Smart TV applications consumers know and love. Available in both a wall-mount and floor-stand configuration, VisionPro HD allows for screen-sharing across any Wi-Fi network and users can also share up to four devices wirelessly or one device via an HDMI input. With tiles that are calibrated directly out of the box to ensure perfect color and brightness, VisionPro HD is also future-proof through the simple replacement of any of the magnetic video modules.

Here are more details.