PixelFLEX Intros FLEXLite LED Screen, a Cost-Effective Solutions for Permanent Installs and Small Events

flexlite-0414LED screen manufacturer PixelFLEX has introduced the FLEXLite LED screen. Available in both indoor and outdoor options, FLEXLite was designed for clients that need an economical solution for permanent installations and lightweight event screens.

The indoor version comes in pitches of 3.0, 5.2, 6.9 and 7.8 mm and is designed for tradeshows, other events and signage. FLEXLite has a high refresh-rate, making it “camera friendly and an ideal solution for televised and filmed events,” according to the company. A dedicated outdoor version that comes in both blowthrough and non-blowthrough designs is availablie in pitches of 6.25, 8.9 and 12.0 mm with brightness of 5,000 nits.

The FLEXlite frame is made of die cast aluminum, resulting in a lightweight but durable tile that weigh 28 pounds each. PixelFLEX says it has taken all of the aspects it has been known for in its touring products, and transformed them into a single product that makes sense for installation. It can be installed and dismantled by one person, making FLEXLite time and labor efficient. The LED panel also comes in a rectangle shape – versus the traditional square – and consequently covers more space with less tiles.

It offers HDMI and DVI-D inputs and uses the latest debugging technology to prohibit issues with gray scale level, allowing for clear, crisp content playback. The LED screen also offers a 140 degree viewing angle so more of the audience gets the full impression of the desired content.

More information is available here.