Ping HD, Apex Procurement and LG, Roll Out 2,400 Site Digital Signage Network

Best Western® Hotels & Resorts North American digital signage network is one of the world’s

largest multi-site deployments of LG webOS-enabled digital signage display Powered by


Ping HD, a leading provider of digital signage software solutions, today announced that Best Western

International Inc., is near completion of a digital signage rollout to over 2,400 hotel properties throughout the United States and Canada, making this one of the world’s largest multi-site deployments of LG Electronics’ webOS SoC (System on a Chip) digital signage displays. Best Western® Hotels & Resorts selected Ping HD partner Apex Procurement LLC to provide EngagePHD powered LG webOS digital signage displays within the lobby of every Best Western hotel property in North America.

The solution is built around 43, 49 and 55 inch LG displays featuring LG’s flexible “webOS for Signage”

platform and powered by Ping HD’s EngagePHD software. This is a solution that eliminates the need for any

external media player hardware, “working natively at the SoC level puts you right at the last point of failure,

which minimizes capital investment by eliminating the purchase of unnecessary hardware and the labor costs

associated with the installation of that unnecessary hardware. Operating expenses are lowered by reducing

content management and design effort, support hours and maintenance”, says Kevin Goldsmith, Chief

Technology Officer at Ping HD, therefore each property only requires the LG display(s) configured with the

EngagePHD application and connected to the Internet. Some properties have these screens fitted with a

touchscreen overlay that elevates the customer experience from passive to interactive.

Typically, Best Western guests will see one to three displays at each property, providing travelers with instant

access to information about the hotel, the local area and latest news from Best Western. In addition to relevant local and brand information, property owners can display their own custom content. Some properties are also equipped with a touch screen overlay to allow guests to interact with the screen, helping them gather more information about nearby tourist hotspots, recommended restaurants and, for those

properties close to airports, live flight departure information. Ping HD is able to offer live flight data to over

10,000 commercial airports worldwide. Use of QR codes embedded in the content allows the hotel guests to take any of the content with them on their mobile devices.

Finally, some properties feature displays in the restaurant and bar areas to show live TV with an L-Bar wrap.

EngagePHD is an easy-to-use, web-based design, content management, and network monitoring application that has been built to enable users to manage large scale multi-site networks with minimal effort. The ‘Locations’ based feature enables the customer to minimize the number of variants to the same ‘Layout’ so that Best Western, does not need 2,400+ unique layouts, one for each display, which would be a labor intensive and logistical nightmare. Instead, only a handful of layouts are required and the same layout can be scheduled to all of the ‘Hi-Board’ screens throughout North America. Based on the location reference, when each layout hits each display, the layout is dynamically populated with site-specific content, such as for example the local weather forecast.

Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer at Ping HD, says: “It is an exciting time to be working with the

team at Apex Procurement and Best Western® Hotels & Resorts. The scalability and power of EngagePHD

on LG’s webOS displays, demonstrates this affordable and robust player-less digital signage solution

exceptionally well.”

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JoAnna Pabich, VP Strategic Implementation at Apex Procurement LLC, says: “This is the best one-stop

solution on the market. By combining the highest technological hardware from LG along with Ping HD’s

cutting edge software platform makes this partnering of technology, experience and software management the easiest and most cost-effective method for any business looking to transition to the digital signage marketing experience.”

Clark Brown, Vice President, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions, says: “Best Western’s massive digital

signage deployment leverages LG’s advanced display technology and Ping HD’s feature-rich solution,” said

Clark Brown, vice president, digital signage, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions. “This powerful

combination, built on our webOS for Signage platform, delivers an unparalleled, flexible digital signage

experience. With wide viewing angles and color accuracy, LG’s IPS built displays are designed to excel in

public venues like Best Western”

Dorothy Dowling, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Best Western Hotels & Resorts.,

says: “Today’s travelers want real-time access to the most relevant information about their stay, and at Best

Western we’re dedicated to offering innovative amenities that enhance the guest experience. This new digital

signage rollout enables Best Western and our hotel owners to more effectively communicate with guests and is yet another example of our constant evolution as a brand.”

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