Philips SoC Now Includes NoviSign Digital Signage Software

NoviSign Digital Signage today announced that NoviSign’s Digital Signage Android app is now available on Philips Q, D, P & T-Line Android SoC displays. Starting at 10” and going all the way up to 86” Philips Android SoC displays, come in both 18/7 and 24/7 usage ratings. Available for direct download onto Philips SoC displays via the built-in AppStore. NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage software makes designing and managing digital signage content easy, effective and reliable.

With NoviSign’s web-based free-form design Studio, users can remotely create, edit and manage the kiosk’s content. With over 20 drag-and-drop widgets to choose from, users can quickly design media rich content that is engaging and informative. Use NoviSign to:

  • Display Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • Incorporate YouTube channels or stream via Ustream
  • Integrate data-driven polls
  • Add interactive games to the content
  • Insert videos, HD images, and slideshows
  • Inform with RSS, custom tickers and weather
  • Create touch screen wayfinding directories
  • Advanced playlist creation and scheduling
  • Remotely monitor the display and player status
  • Run granular proof-of-play reports

Philips Professional Display Solutions is here and NoviSign is here.