Philips Signage Solutions at ISE 2014

philipsmmd-0114MMD, the technology company and brand license partner for Philips Signage Solutions, announced new and updated products that will be displayed at this year’s ISE. Utilizing Smart Technology and innovation, Philips Signage Solutions has developed and improved products in the many applications where clear imaging and signage are crucial.

  • The SmartCollection, comprising smart innovations to deploy and manage any signage application, places a major focus on its environment to impress targeted audiences with pioneering features. These include displays, cloud-based platforms, user control and content management. The SmartCollection bundles many features to help build a digital signage eco-system for any signage application.
  •  The Q-Line Series represents the entry-level and most cost-efficient signage solution for small retail businesses. It is easy to install, and, with Smart Technology, allows small business owners to manage information easily, giving their business an edge to stand out from the rest.
  • The E-Line Series is the professional signage solution. Developed for 24/7 operation this series provides information to visitors, guests, and travelers in healthcare, hospitality, and transportation industries. With OPS (Open Pluggable Standard), an Intel-based platform, users experience minimal downtime, if any at all, when having to swap out one for another.
  • The V-Line Series offers high-end signage solutions, much like the E-Line Series, but with sharper brightness and imaging with IPS (In-plane Switching) technology. High contrast ratios return a level of brightness that is ideal no matter the ambient lighting conditions with improved viewing angles for optimal readability in public areas.
  • The Multi Touch signage solutions can be deployed for many applications: from the classroom where they can be used as interactive whiteboards and other valuable teaching tools, to shopping malls for use as interactive maps to guide shoppers to specific stores.
  • The UHD Series displays bring the ultimate in performance and clarity. The 65 and 84-inch models are on display at ISE 2014, where Philips says visitors will have the opportunity to see for themselves that size doesn’t diminish the consistently contrast ratios to provide sharp images across a large screen.
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