Philips Pronto Interfaces with Sonos

Pronto 0210

Sonos is a popular multi-room audio system, and yetPronto-0210 historically, a closed system when it comes to control. Now Pronto will interface with Sonos to enable all imported Sonos functions via Pronto controls, including their two hand-held controls (TSU9300 and TSU9400) for home theater control, and two tablet style panels (TSU9600 and TSU9800) for total home control.

The series features Pronto’s flush mounted display which allows these control panels to fit in with any home design. The user interface on each remote is fully customizable to align with the end user’s preferences, and the flush mounted display means that the screen is not recessed, but instead flows smoothly with the casing.

The four remotes all feature wireless control, and the TSU9800 offers wired network connectivity.

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