Philips Professional Displays Intros Flip Chip LEDs From 0.78mm to 1.8mm

PPDS untie LED

PPDS (Philips Professional Displays) announced a new flip chip COB-based LED dubbed the Philips Unite LED 5000 Series. The company says the Philips Unite LED 5000 Series is PPDS’ second elementary-level dvLED launched this year, complementing the Philips Public LED 5000 Series designed for larger public indoor spaces, which was announced in April.

The company says the new Philips Unite LED 5000 Series has been developed to support corporate and education environments, and is available in 27.1” (600 x 337.5mm) panel sizes for traditional 16×9 LED wall installations in pixel pitch options of P0.78, P0.93, P1.25 for common cathode as well as common anode (P1.56, P1.875), all with refresh rates of 3840 Hz.

For added protection and to maximize indoor installation opportunities, PPDS says the Philips Unite LED 5000 Series comes with an IP67 rating, with panels fully protected against dust and moisture, helping to extend product lifetimes and reducing maintenance costs.

As well as harnessing the sustainability benefits of flip chip COB (Chip On Board) circuitry, PPDS says the Philips Unite LED 5000 Series benefits from PPDS’ strategy to significantly reduce waste – including plastic – from its packaging. All panels and accessories are delivered in minimized brown cardboard boxes, which feature a quick start guide printed in one color, water-based ink on the lid, removing the need for additional paper-based instructions. Plastic bags and EPE cotton foam have been reduced, while innovative cardboard, made from 100 percent recycled paper, maintain the same high levels of safety and protection of the product.