Philips MMD Adds New Multi-Touch Products for Digital Signage

phillipsise2013-0213MMD, the brand license partner for Philips Public Signage, announced at ISE 2013 several new digital signage products, a Multi-user Touch table with 32 touch points, a 120-centimeter (47″) Multi-user Touch Kiosk as well as displays for the education and healthcare sectors.

The 55″ (140 centimeter) touch table BDT5535GS offers up to 32 touch points, is height adjustable and also fully tiltable. When used as a touch table, the lift integrated into the column allows the height to be adjusted to standing or sitting positions. The advantage of the Multi-user Touch table is that it provides the opportunity to interact and attract the attention of a group of people simultaneously. Tilting it into an upright position turns it into a Multi-user Touch Kiosk.

Carrying numerous brochures from one exhibition stand to the next can be taxing, but Philips Public Signage found the perfect solution to this problem. Now users can select brochures from the screen of the Philips Brochure Selector BDT4785EK and sent to them to their email inbox. This 120 centimeter (47″) Multi-user Touch screen comes with the Omnitapps Brochure Selector software. This application is focuses entirely on creating a paperless environment for viewing, ordering and managing PDF brochures. With the Brochure Selector, brochures will always be up-to-date. Users can view, select and forward the brochures to an email address, print them directly or copy the PDF files to a USB stick. Operators can log into their online CMS account to easily modify all their virtual brochure kiosks when required.

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