Philips Debuts Entry-Level LED Line — LED 5000 Series From PPDS

ppds entry line dvled solutions

PPDS (aka: Philips Professional Displays) announced an entry-level line of dvLED solutions; the Philips Public LED 5000 Series. Available globally — including EMEA, India, North America and APAC — the new Philips Public LED 5000 Series is aimed at indoor public spaces — such as retail stores, shopping centers, corporate spaces and offices, cinemas, theaters, stadiums and arenas, casinos, etc.

The Philips Public LED 5000 Series is available in 44” (500 x 1000mm) and 28” (500 x 500mm) panel variants. Each offers a choice of modules with three different pixel pitches and dimensions of 1.9pp (128 x 128), 2.5pp (100 x 100) and 3.9pp (64 x 64) — supporting an array of viewing distances. The 500 x 1000 and 500 x 500 metric sized panels have also been developed to facilitate concepting and implementation for interior and retail architects.

Delivering up to 500 nit brightness, and 150 degree viewing angles — flat screen or concave creations — the Philips Public LED 5000 Series provides optimum visual performance in almost any indoor environment with consistent lighting conditions.

Philips Public LED 28HDL5000PP 50x50For maximum flexibility, the 44” and 28” panel variants of the Philips Public LED 5000 Series are interchangeable, and together with PPDS’ “Smart Rotation” design, can be installed in a mix of either portrait or landscape modes, adding more size and custom install opportunities.

PPDS says installation time has also been considered and reduced by around 50 per cent compared to conventional LED panels with the design of this new display, with the board-to-board design of the LED modules to the panel incorporating pre-wired data and power for a cable-free set up.

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Designed for retail, corporate, hospitality and Houses of Worship, the Philips Public LED 5000 Series features dedicated connection plates and a range of optional hoisting/hanging bars, allowing displays† to be safely hoisted from a ceiling to a maximum display height of five meters (28-feet). Traditional wall-mounted installations have also been made “simple and extremely cost efficient,” with PPDS providing an optional range of connections and brackets to securely and confidently attach or clamp displays to standard 40 x 40mm mounts or even metal pipes.

Benefitting both wall-mounted or hoisted installations, the Philips Public LED 5000 Series’ modular design also provides front facing access for any troubleshooting, repairs, or age-related component replacements, keeping potential downtimes to an absolute minimum. With an IP20 rating, the Philips Public LED 5000 Series benefits from ample protection against being touched, as well as airborne (non-liquid) pollutants, such as dust, helping to reduce the risk of cosmetic or internal component damage.

With a minimum of two Philips Public LED 5000 Series panels packaged in a single box (but, no single panel orders) all plastic bags have been removed, while any EPE cotton foam has been replaced with innovative cardboard cushioning made from 100 per cent recycled paper, maintaining the same high levels of safety and protection of the product.