Philips Launches New Picture-Frame Style LCD

Dubbed Essence TV, Philips has readied a new line of LCD TVs that are thin, light and designed to (what they call) look good hanging there on a wall. 

How thin?  Well, at 1.5” thick and weighing less than 40 pounds, the 42” model is full 1080p, 1020Hz capable, includes 3 HDMI ports and specifies a 66,000:1 contrast ratio. 

Now, these LCDs are nothing close to the thinness of the new Sony or Sharp LCDs, but the difference is Philips is saying they will start shipping these this month and because of their weight, they are including a “smart-leveling” mounting kit in with the TV with the assumption that most people will want to hang them on the wall.

To see the new Essence TV line, go here. (Details are in Dutch because the US site does not have them yet.)