Philips Partners with Desso for Digital Signage Carpet — Yes, You Read That Right!

Safety_Bioscoop_Uitgang-1113Philips and Desso — leaders in lighting and carpets respectively — today announced a partnership agreement to develop solutions that combine LED lighting with light transmissive carpet. Effectively, the two companies will market carpet with built-in digital signage!

This innovation will further unlock the potential of LED integration into surfaces and definitely adds an exciting dimension to interior design and space planning. Very, very cool!

It will start in the EMEA market and make its way across the world to all markets by the end of 2014. In addition to this, a joint development agreement has been signed focusing on a seamless integration of this solution Airport-2-1113into new and existing buildings. The product name will be revealed in 2014 as part of the full go-to-market launch, but Philips and Desso are already working on pilot projects in key markets. Expect to see this at the upcoming ISE show in Amsterdam.

The applications for this are endless. Think: Emergency lighting in a fire or building evacuation scenario; digital signage advertising in a convention center, mall or airport; wayfinding in a building, airport or college campus building. Think advertising!

Philips is here and Desso can be found here.