Philips Debuts Solar-Powered Outdoor LED Stadium Lighting

philips led 1209

philips-led-1209Although not bright enough for professional or college-level stadiums, this new LED-based solar-powered lighting system does have a lot of staging and maybe even some rental apps.  And, the system is available as a fully portable solution. Using the energy-efficient LED lighting technology, the system can illuminate areas up to 40 meters by 20 meters with bright white light (even though the picture they gave us of a system seems to show very yellow light). Advanced battery cells provide up to eight hours of floodlighting on a single solar charge. The system is also highly sustainable, with a rugged design able to withstand most weather conditions.

The new solar LED floodlighting system is available to order now from Philips on a project basis. Philips can provide a total solution including the LED floodlights, portable poles, solar panels and batteries, or just a set of floodlights. The system can also be used for sporting or non-sporting applications in locations without access to an electricity grid, and is perfect for emergency lighting for disaster situations. More information can be found at

I’d probably change the wording above to say “lots of rental and maybe a few staging apps” since in any outdoor staging application that is too far from an electrical source, you’d have a generator anyway. But I can see some rental situations, such as approaches to multi-day outdoor events, where this kind of solar-powered floodlight rig might be useful. But, personally, I’d probably look to cross-rent it from a general rental company (like United Rentals) for the few times I’d need it than to put it in the rental inventory of an AV company.