PhaseTech Will Launch Power Lux DSP Subwoofers at CEDIA Expo 2023

phasetech power lux dsp

PhaseTech just launched the Power Lux DSP subwoofers. Using DSP to control the amplifier and driver, four of these subwoofers will officially debut at CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado, from Sept. 7-9, 2023, at booth 909.

The Power Lux DSP subwoofers — the PL-10S and PL-12S compact sealed subs and the PL-10P and PL-12P ported subwoofers have output as low as 17 Hz. Power Lux DSP subs will play louder and go “lower than anything in comparable-sized cabinets.” The DSP subs are helped by an integrated 900-watt peak power amplifier.

Enclosed in either a sealed or ported design, each featuring a 10” or 12” long-throw mica-graphite poly cone with NBR Surround, these auditory powerhouses are equipped with a dedicated app (iOS and Android compatible) which is used to control level, phase, EQ, high/low pass crossovers, signal sensing auto turn on/off and user-generated presets for audio personalization. The subs come with LFE and stereo inputs/outputs. The inputs and outputs have an independent high pass and low pass control, making the subs usable as part of a sub/sat system or can be daisy-chained with multiple subs.

The Power Lux subwoofers and Premier Lux speakers set a “bold aesthetic tone, pairing contemporary finishes with standard or custom colors.” The subs come standard in a classic black finish or can be custom painted in any matte or high-gloss color. Each subwoofer and speaker, individually sold, is handmade and receives “meticulous craftsmanship and painting” at the company’s Jacksonville, Florida facility.

The complementing Premier Lux audiophile speakers come in an array of configurations: bookshelf, center channel, surround and tower. These speakers come equipped with one or more patented 6.5-inch tri-laminate Kevlar RPF glass fiber flat-piston woofer, and 28mm high-performance soft dome tweeter(s), delivering a sonic landscape as vast and varied as an orchestra’s repertoire. The flat plane surface of the woofer coupled with the Absolute Phase crossovers “amplifies vertical and horizontal dispersion patterns.”