Phase Technology Debuts Premier Lux Speakers

phase technology premier lux

Phase Technology line, just debuted the Premier Lux speakers. The bookshelf speaker features a distinctive aesthetic and offers three contemporary finishes. Classic black is a lightly textured matte automotive-grade finish that gives Premier Lux the modern look to accompany its sound. The Premier Lux models are also available in pigment intense high-gloss pewter and driftwood. The drivers, crossover and cabinets are all hand-crafted in our vertically integrated factory in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Premier Lux 150 is a two-way bookshelf speaker featuring a patented 6.5-inch tri-laminate Kevlar RPF glass fiber flat-piston woofer with a 28 mm high-performance soft dome tweeter. The patented soft dome tweeter reproduces smooth and defined high frequencies allowing a transition at a frequency where the mid-range still exhibits broad uniform dispersion. The flat plane surface of the woofer also greatly increases vertical and horizontal dispersion patterns allowing for much more placement flexibility and an amazingly large sweet spot.

Designed to create powerful and accurate sound in stereo and home theater configurations, the Premier Lux 150 features Absolute Phase crossovers to disperse sound to a wider listening area and ensure that all speakers in a multi-channel system are in phase to blend.

The Premier Lux 150 can be configured into your theater audio design using the MSE Audio Theater Sound Designer.