Phase Technology Updates dARTS Digital Theater Systems

660_Tower_Series_High_Res-0816Phase Technology announced a new version release of its dARTS (Digital Audio Reference Theater System) 660 and 535 Series Speaker systems with enhanced custom room calibration. Each dARTS system is configured as a home theater solution package to include performance-matched speakers and an amplifier that calibrates the speakers’ performance to accommodate the nuances of the room.

All digital, dARTS claims to be the most predictable speaker system you can own as each speaker driver in the system harbors custom fine-tuning software matched to within 0.5 dB of each other and the systems minimum SPL (loudness) is 105db in the listening area — that’s loud, precise and clear. Every dARTS System is shipped calibrated and aligned to Phase Tech’s custom response “reference” performance.

Once installed, the room, with its own sonic footprint is taken out of the equation with customized dARTS Audyssey MultEQ Pro room calibration software engineered into its amplifiers.

The new dARTS systems upgrade incorporates a custom version of Audyssey MultEQ Pro room correction software into the system’s new DP4000 IA amplifier, with no external equipment required for setup or testing other than a standard Audyssey Pro calibration kit. The amplifier offers increased dynamic power providing up to 250 watts per channel and will manage a standard 7.2 or Dolby Atmos 5.2.2 system. Multiple amplifiers can be included for larger environments.

The dARTS series speakers are available in four variations – tower / monitor, in-wall and custom-box set-ups and unique application sizes can be special ordered. System configurations vary with each option a main, center, surround and subwoofer models are included to fit environments up to 18,000 cubic feet in size. dARTS retail price ranges from $17-49K for a 7.4.4 Atmos system.

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All speakers utilize the same driver complement — PhaseTech’s silk blended soft dome tweeters and woofers made from a three-layer composite of glass fiber and Nomex honeycomb materials. dARTS 660 Series speakers use 6.5” woofers while 535 Series woofers are 5.25″.

Here are all the specs.