Pexip to Study AI, Deep Learning Via NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated AI Software

Pexip announced it will explore the usage of NVIDIA GPU-accelerated AI software to understand how advanced technologies such as conversational AI and deep learning can create a more immersive and engaging video meeting experience for everyone, regardless of device.

The GPU-accelerated NVIDIA Maxine SDK enables capabilities such as super resolution, artifact reduction, face tracking, body pose estimation and noise removal. Pexip’s flexible, secure digital infrastructure brings these features to life at the server level, so every meeting participant has the same experience.

Here’s a video that explains it:

Pexip and NVIDIA are also working on adding noise-cancellation technologies for Pexip users. Audio quality is even more important than video quality in virtual meetings — and this early work shows how removing background noise can make meeting experiences more powerful. With an increasing number of people in remote and hybrid work environments prone to distractions, it is important to optimize the virtual experience and bring the focus back to the meeting.