Pexip Announces Infinity Version 4

pexip-0314Pexip today announced the version 4 release of Pexip Infinity, which adds native interoperability with Microsoft Lync 2010, 2013 and Lync Online/Office 365.

Pexip Infinity naturally extends Lync’s capabilities by adding Virtual Meeting Rooms for everyone in the organization. Participants joining via WebRTC can connect without any browser plugins. In technical terms, Pexip Infinity version 4 supports H.264 SVC (used by Lync 2013), RTVideo (used by Lync 2010), and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) content sharing (used by all versions of Lync), and transcodes them to any of the other protocols it already supports (SIP, H.323, and WebRTC).

In addition to SIP/H323, Pexip provides interoperability by real-time transcoding of all video codecs — RTV, RDP, VP8, H.263 and H.264/H.264 SVC. Pexip Infinity’s V4 also includes a distributed gateway for point-to-point calls between any type of endpoints — Lync, traditional videoconferencing or WebRTC. According to Pexip, the distributed nature of the Infinity allows an organization to deploy conferencing and gateway resources in any location very easily, thereby avoiding hairpinning of media back to a centralized data center.

Here are all the details.