peTE CoMAN Joins rAVe [PUBS] to Cover CES, ISE, InfoComm and Other Shows

pete coman 0120Pete Coman, commonly known as TEC MAN, joins rAVe [PUBS] to expand rAVe’s presence at CES (and a dozen other AV shows in 2020) with up-to-the-minute, live, onsite news and videos. Pete’s passion for innovation first brought him to CES five years ago. He still recalls the mind-blowing experience as he walked every aisle with utter excitement. Now, as we move through CES 2020, Pete shares his thoughts on the biggest trends coming off the show floor.

“CES is the show of tomorrow,” said Pete. “Shows like ISE and InfoComm are the shows of today, and still very much relevant, but CES is a preview of what’s to come. There’s always a trend focus at CES; you don’t think it’s relevant right now, but within 12 months it’ll be on the market and the hottest gadget on everyone’s radar. Machine learning and artificial intelligence, especially in a practical use, will be the star of CES 2020.”

“Today, we’re being influenced by consumer technology,” noted Pete. “A decade ago, it was reversed — our commercial technology was influencing the future of consumer technology. I have commercial clients requesting the latest consumer technology from the floor of CES for their offices and collaboration spaces. It will continue to be relevant for systems designers to follow the latest in consumer technology trends in order to stay ahead of the curve.”

Pete, who’s based in New York City, will highlight the newest trends at our industry’s largest conferences, including CES, ISE, InfoComm, Integrate Australia, as well as at local tech shows held in New York. He will join the rAVe Squad, an exclusive group of thought leaders sharing their insights as industry influencers. Pete will spearhead a new offering of rAVe [PUBS] that includes product reviews, product unboxings and more. His detailed technical knowledge and in-depth technical design skills, combined with his passion for technology and the latest innovations, will create a unique approach to rAVe’s reviewing platform.

Pete is an award-winning designer whose career spans 30+ years in technology and includes more than 16 industry qualifications — including BICSI RCDD, AVIXA CTS, Crestron DMC-E, QSC Q-SYS and Extron XTP certifications. His award recognitions include the 2018 BICSI Design Award, 2017 InAVation Award, 2015 AVIA Award and 2014 Crestron Project of the Year. In addition to system design, Pete has also designed a range of unique, patented products. He currently serves on AVIXA’s Australia Advisory Board.

Find the latest news from Pete Coman reporting from CES 2020 and other shows on rAVe [PUBS] here or check out his videos from the show below.