Pet Peeves

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peeves-1212Pet peeves: Who doesn’t have at least one or two, three or four?

You encounter these little things every day no matter where you are or what you are doing. Now granted some may well be a function of a dense urban environment (being a New York person, things are different here).

Here are a couple of mine as well as some from friends that I interrogated along the way.

–Overly large Umbrellas in a crowded urban environment;
–Actually there are two issues;
–Big OPEN umbrellas with no concern for anyone else’s eyes!
–Big CLOSED umbrellas tucked under your arm with no concern for any body parts (if you know what I mean) that may be in the area.
–Not having payment ready after standing on a line for five minutes waiting your turn at the checkout;
–Is it really a surprise that yes, even you will have to pay for your purchase?
–When people talk down to one another or talk to somebody like they are an idiot when they are an intelligent individual
–People who walk slow on the sidewalk or run slow during a running road race (certainly a NYC Thing!!)
–Ah.. and those tourists who insist on walking (strolling really) three to four across and block those of us trying to get to our next appointment!
–People who text or talk on the phone while at a restaurant or on the train
–I don’t really want to know about last night’s date!!
–People who sing loudly in public, but should not be sharing their singing voice with ANYBODY
–When my significant other (WHOA, we are getting personal!) doesn’t put the plastic food storage containers away after the dishwasher is finished its cycle because he is too lazy to stack them properly in the cabinet.

–Not turning right at a red light;
–The sign says you can — WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
–Leaving your blinker on but aren’t turning
–Camping out in the left lane at EXACTLY the speed limit
–Hey! Have mercy on those of us that have no regard for limits of ANY KIND!
–Email and text messaging without using spellcheck;
–No excuse, sorry for those that use a ‘Hand-held Device’ as an excuse and cannot figure out how to use spell check (cannot take the time).

–Food chewing and food bag crackling in the movies
–Coffee cups, paper cups, cups and saucers.
–Having a cup of coffee served to you with the saucer half-full of spilled coffee. I guess that’s better than having the half-spilled cup in your lap though.
–When the coffee top does not stay down in its spot (Control freak?).

Pigs & Pig Sty related activities:
–Leaving garbage on the train (empty coffee cups, bottles etc.)
–When people blatantly drop a wrapper as they walk or drive down the street.
–Maybe YOU don’t live here but other people do!

OK, for the Techies:
–No strain relief or service loops in the back of racks (happy now?).

Enough from me — any thoughts from you?  Gary will pay handsomely.