Peerless Hangs 103-Inch Plasma for Panasonic, Exhibits New Outdoor Display Enclosures

Peerless announced the company developed a new mount for Panasonic’s 103-inch plasma display. The mount has hook-on attachment brackets compatible with the plasma’s pre-installed spacers. It also has a vertical adjustment to help place the screen on the wall.

The company also has new outdoor environmental enclosures for flat panels, which were shown at CEDIA. The Outdoor Flat Panel Environmental Enclosures include models for 32 inch, 40/42 inch and 50 inch LCDs and plasmas. They are weather-resistant, naturally, and provide security and protection for the screen from temperature extremes (using a dual filter fan), rain, sleet, snow and dust. They are marketed for both electronic signage and outdoor residential applications.

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