Peerless-AV Xtreme Outdoor Digital Menu Board at InfoComm 2014

peerlessavPeerless-AV® (Booth# C7918) is excited to showcase the Peerless-AV® Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Board at InfoComm 2014. Ideal for quick service restaurant (QSR) drive-thru applications, the menu board can also be used in other drive-thru applications, including banks and pharmacies.

Replacing traditional static menu boards, the Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Board boasts a thin profile with units measuring only 8″ deep, a modular design ensuring installation and removal of one display will not disturb other display units, and an easy two-man installation process without the need for cranes or forklifts.

The Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Board is comprised of a kiosk, Peerless-AV® Xtreme™ display(s) and a rain cap, which doubles as a solar shield to reduce solar load within the kiosk. The kiosk is made of aluminum and steel construction, and is powder coated with a formula that will resist fading.

The Xtreme™ display is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, featuring a patented Fully-Sealed Dynamic Thermal Transfer™ System that keeps the display’s internal components safely warmed in severe cold and properly cooled in severe heat, reducing electricity costs. With an IP68 rating, the display is weatherproof, making it impossible for moisture or microscopic dust to infiltrate the display. The display is also optically bonded for sunlight readability with ambient light sensors, guaranteeing that the information being displayed is visible regardless of time of day or weather.

With the Peerless-AV® Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Board, menu changes can be done in minutes as opposed to days. The menu board also employs a topper and sidekick supports to display static Coroplast® and magnetic digital prints for short-term promotion items.

The Peerless-AV® Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Board is available as a one-, two-, three- or four-display system through Peerless-AV® direct sales representatives and authorized distribution network.