Peerless-AV Announces New Line of UltraView Outdoor TVs

peerless-av-ultraview-0516Peerless-AV today announced a new line of all-season outdoor TVs for outdoor home entertainment and living, the UltraView Outdoor TVs. Completely weatherproof and maintenance-free, Peerless-AV’s UltraView TVs make it easy and affordable for homeowners to add digital entertainment to their outdoor living spaces. Available in 49″, 55″, or 65″, the TVs are equipped with an LED backlight to provide a full HD 1080p resolution for bright and crisp visuals. The UltraView TVs also come with an IP68 rated waterproof and dust-proof universal remote that can be programmed to control up to three additional devices.

The UltraView TVs include built-in weatherproof speakers and the ability to operate at a range of -24°F to 122°F but, installation of the UltraView TVs is best suited for shaded outdoor areas, out of direct sunlight.

Peerless-AV’s 49″ and 55″ UltraView TVs are available now and the 65″ UltraView TV will be available in July 2016. Here are the specs.