Peerless-AV Announces Unique LED Wall Mounting System

Peerless-AV_LED-Mount-0216Peerless-AV today announced that it’s CLAIMING as the industry’s first Universal Modular LED Wall Mounting System. Featuring a pop-out mechanism that can be adapted to support various brands and display sizes, Peerless-AV’s LED Wall Mounting System is a modular design enabling custom installs for specific configurations.

Key features of the Universal Modular LED Wall Mounting System include a slim, space-saving design, a pop-out mechanism that extends the mount 30 inches from the wall (for service) and a universal design can be easily configured to support most LED brands and sizes by simply changing out display-specific adapter plates. A jacking screw feature allows the entire video wall to be plumb adjusted once all the LED displays are installed. Each mount has four-corner depth adjustment and a first row leveling function assures all the LED displays align for a seamless appearance.

It will officially debut at ISE and here are the tech specs.