Peerless-AV Is Not Just Mounts

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peerlessavlogo-0213For years, Peerless-AV spent nearly all its marketing budget telling buyers of AV gear why they should use the company to mount all their stuff. And, Peerless still builds mounts — lots of them — all here in the USA. But now the company’s marketing budget is split between a few new non-mount product lines. In fact, its Peer-Air line of wireless digital and analog video and audio transmission systems span everything from the home (where I actually use a Peerless-AV Peer-Air system to send HDMI and audio to a TV in my kitchen) to the corporate market where it now has a white-space transmission system to send HDMI and audio to hundreds of TVs simultaneously — wirelessly.

Here at the 2013 Digital Signage Expo (DSE), Peerless-AV is launching a line of custom kiosk systems that are available in all sorts of sizes (even up to an 80″ in its booth here) and colors (they can PMS match any color you want). I caught up with Peerless-AV’s VP of Sales Nick Belcore today and he explained Peerless-AV’s strategy in diversifying into more than mounts and why the company makes it all outside of Chicago.

You can see the new Peerless-AV line here:

Enjoy my interview with Peerless-AV’s Nick Belcore: