Paul Richards of PTZOptics Gives Preview of Tech Talk for LAVNCH WEEK

lavnch week ptzoptics

Hello, everyone! Your LAVNCH WEEK emcee here! I’m taking some time to interview a few of our fantastic speakers before LAVNCH officially kicks off on April 27. What’s LAVNCH? I’m so glad you asked because I obviously need the practice of explaining it to people!

LAVNCH is a new platform we’ve built at rAVe to host a variety of things: product releases, education sessions, keynotes, panels, etc. And we’ve put it all in one place. LAVNCH is more of a platform than an event, but because we love events, we’re starting this project by dedicating a whole week (separated by industry vertical) to it! More about that here. 

Paul Richards of PTZOptics is going to present a Tech Talk on HOW day (April 30) and he was kind enough to give me and all you #AVtweeps a little preview of what to expect — Here’s a hint: He’s talking about creating a scalable house of worship streaming system. So for all of you in the HOW market, this is a must-see. Register for HOW day of LAVNCH.