A Partnership Between Access Networks and Domotz Brings Live Monitoring of Home Networks

Access Networks announced a partnership with Domotz that will integrate the Core custom system integrated with the Domotz solution for remote network monitoring and management. The collaboration enables both companies to learn from each other and enhance their product offerings to better meet the needs of today’s luxury smart homes.

This is a strong statement from their joint release we received, but we think it’s true: “Integrators who offer live, proactive monitoring of their customers’ networks elevate their firm as an indispensable resource.” Whether integrators charge monthly service fees to generate recurring monthly revenue or use complimentary service as a selling point for their high-end customers, Domotz solutions make it easier to pair an Access Networks enterprise-grade network within a luxury smart home. Therefore, this partnership gives Access Networks dealers an opportunity to deliver an outstanding experience, driven by an enterprise-grade network and backed with best-in-class service and support.

The Domotz RMM solution consists of three components: Domotz Pro Mobile Application, the Domotz Cloud and the Domotz Network Agent. Easy to deploy, Domotz is downloaded on local hardware or on the Domotz Agent, a dedicated appliance that sits at the broadcast level of the network. Through the Domotz Cloud and the Pro Mobile Application, users are notified when changes occur that could affect the network connection, speed or performance.

Access Networks is here and Domotz is here.

Check out a video of the Domotz Monitoring and Management Solution from ISE 2019 below: