Parasound Ships Four-Zone DAC and Crossover

4dax_black_front_300-1216Parasound has begun dealer shipments of the custom installation industry’s first four-zone DAC and crossover. Parasound said the ZoneMaster 4 DAX creates a CI business opportunity for more effective implementation of multi-zone streaming audio using Sonos Connect, Chromecast and similar technologies.

The ZoneMaster 4 DAX improves digital sound quality while simplifying connection options and dramatically reducing equipment clutter for multi-zone setups. While these popular streaming products traditionally compete in the retail market place, Parasound’s 4 DAX creates a profitable value-added alternative for the custom installation industry.  It also provides installers with the opportunity to incorporate higher quality amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers.

The Parasound ZoneMaster 4 DAX is a single chassis unit that achieves superior DAC performance by using four premium 192kHz ESS DACs using optical and coaxial inputs. In addition to the DAC, each Zone has a premium analog crossover with level controls and outputs for full-range stereo, high-pass stereo, full-range mono, high-pass mono and an 80-Hz low-pass mono subwoofer output. Each zone also has an audio-triggered 12V output to activate additional equipment such as amplifiers and cooling equipment. Parasound’s own 2-, 4-, 6- and 12-channel ZoneMaster amplifiers have independent trigger inputs for each zone making them a perfect companion to the 4 DAX.

The Parasound ZoneMaster 4 DAX lists for $995 and here are the details.