Parallax Re-do in Works for Da-Lite ALR Screens

Da-Lite is redefining its Parallax portfolio of premium Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screen surfaces. Parallax 0.8, Parallax 2.3 and Parallax UST 0.45 are now part of the Parallax Pure family. Parallax Pure is a line of True Optical ALR surfaces that are specifically designed to reject high levels of ambient light from specific angles in a room. Light in the room is not reflected in the image, resulting in high contrast, luminous images in well-lit environments

The three surfaces in the Parallax Pure family are designed for different projection applications. Parallax Pure 0.8 rejects up to 96 percent of ambient light and features a superior viewing cone of 170°. Viewers experience bright, speckle-free images regardless of location from the screen. This surface is recommended for laser projection, standard throw (1.5:1 or greater).

Parallax Pure 2.3 features the highest gain of all ALR surfaces on the market to produce high contrast images when paired with low output projectors, standard throw (1.8:1 or greater). It also rejects up to 96 percent of ambient light and is suitable for laser projection.

Parallax Pure UST 0.45 rejects up to 95% of ambient light and is designed specifically for ultra short throw projection (0.4:1 throw or less), including laser projection. This surface is ideal for brightly lit UST installations that require a wide viewing cone of 160°, so viewers experience excellent image quality.

The newest addition to the Da-Lite ALR portfolio, Parallax Stratos 1.0, is a contrast-based ALR surface. The gray color and other proprietary design elements in the surface combine to absorb ambient light rather than reflect it, maintaining and enhancing image brightness. Offering the freedom to install seamless ALR screens up to 16 feet in height, Parallax Stratos is available in a wide array of core Da-Lite tensioned electric and fixed frame options. This surface rejects up to 80 percent of ambient light with 1.0 gain for standard throw projectors (1.0:1 or greater).

Parallax is here.