Panasonic Connect North America Expands ProAV Product Line

panasonic connect north america proav

Panasonic Connect North America has expanded its ProAV product line, including new displays, simplified production systems, a next-generation KAIROS IT/IP Live Production Platform, and new ST 2110 compatible PTZ and Studio cameras.

PT-CMZ50 Ultra Short-Throw LCD Laser Projector

PT-CMZ50 Ultra Short-Throw LCD Laser Projector

Here’s the new stuff they’re showing here at InfoComm:

  • PT-REQ12KU Series 1-Chip DLP 4K Laser Projectors: Supporting a streamlined installation, the PT-REQ12 Series 1-Chip DLP 4K Laser Projectors range from 8,000lm to 12,000lm of brightness. The series offers 4K resolution and 240 Hz refresh rates.
  • PT-MZ20KL Series 3LCD Laser Projectors: Claiming the industry’s smallest, lightest, and quietest 20,000 lumens LCD projector, the PT-MZ20KL Series projectors provide 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation using only 120 V power.
  • PT-RZ14KU 3-Chip DLP Projector: An evolution of the PT-RQ25KU Series 3-Chip DLP 4K laser projector, the PT-RZ14KU 3-Chip DLP projector is approximately 40% smaller and weighs 20% less than the previous PT-RZ12KU, simplifying everything from transport and storage to installation and set-up.3 It also supports 14,000lm brightness on AC 100–240 V power.
  • Remote Monitoring Service: For digital arts and museum venues powering simultaneous immersive experiences across different venues, stationing a technical expert at each location is only sometimes feasible. This hinders the organization’s visibility into equipment performance. Panasonic Connect’s new
  • Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) addresses this challenge with its cloud-based application that remotely monitors features such as intake temperatures and fan speed to uncover any irregularities in daily operation proactively. Available in October 2023, RMS will continue to evolve with features that maximize asset management and minimize carbon footprint.
  • TH-SQE2W Series Professional Displays: The Panasonic TH-SQE2W Series professional displays provide a brightness of 500cd/m² with an anti-glare panel and a haze treatment of 25%, reducing the reflection of ambient light and improving visibility in all environments.
  • AK-HC3900 Studio Camera with AK-SFC391 ST 2110 Upgrade: With this optional upgrade, the AK-HC3900 Studio Camera will support ST 2110, eliminating the need for a conventional camera control unit and providing a seamless connection to Panasonic’s KAIROS IT/IP platform.
Panasonic PT MZ20KL bk front high

PT-REQ12KU Series 1-Chip DLP

Panasonic Connect has added the following solutions to its projector, display, and audio lineups:

  • PT-CMZ50 Ultra Short-Throw LCD Laser Projector: The PT-CMZ50 ultra short-throw LCD laser projector gives presenters the flexibility to start a presentation immediately without waiting for the projector to warm up and its new high-efficiency optical engine improves watts-per-lumen efficiency by 31% over comparable lamp-based short-throw models.
  • TH-CQE2U Series Professional Displays: Designed for 16 hours of uninterrupted operation, the TH-CQE2U Series professional displays are for corporate and education.
  • TH-SQ2H Series Professional Displays: The TH-SQ2H Series offers a panel brightness of 700cd/m2 and mitigates glare from light sources and ambient light to reduce reflections and ensure high-quality, clear, crisp 4K content can be displayed even when installed in meeting rooms and classrooms with large amounts of external lighting.
  • WX-AM800 Ceiling Array Microphone & WX-AU202 Antenna/Receiver: Designed to cover a 30’ x 30’ area with 4 adjustable zones, the WX-AM800 Ceiling Array microphone automatically adjusts its sensitivity based on the location of the speaker and features built-in integration with a Panasonic PTZ camera for voice tracking without a control system. With the new WX-AU202 Antenna/Receiver, users can add up to two Panasonic DECT Wireless microphones without having to use rack space.
  • Microphone System Configuration Center Software: Microphone System Configuration Center Software allows users to set the room size, optimally place the ceiling microphones, adjust the range of the Panasonic antennas, and configure a whole host of audio DSP settings such as Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Audio Input Ducking, Equalization and Digital Noise Reduction.
  • Digital Signage: Panasonic Connect offers a Cloud-based Content Management System that features an intuitive web-based user interface to create players, load content, create playlists and scheduling grids in four steps.
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TH-SQE2W Series Professional Displays