Panasonic Announces Lecture Capture and Auto Tracking Solution for Content and Video Management

Panasonic Lecture Capture and Auto Tracking SolutionPanasonic announced its new Lecture Capture and Auto Tracking Solution for recording and sharing lessons, meetings and presentations in which cameras, advanced auto-tracking software and servers work together to create a content and video management platform.

Panasonic says its solution takes advantage of the facial auto-tracking ability of PTZ cameras by combining auto-tracking server bundles and lecture capture content and video management systems. With support for IP video feed, installation is easy for any building architecture.

“Whether learning or working, critical information must be easily accessible regardless of whether it’s delivered in a physical or digital environment – and in real-time or after the fact,” said John Kaloukian, director of solutions and services at Panasonic. “Technology bridges the divide of hybrid settings, ensuring that information is delivered in an engaging and accessible way and sustains this next normal of work. Our new lecture capture solution offers organizations opportunities for enhanced collaboration and productivity from all participants.”

Panasonic offers three flexible packages to support customers with various operating environments. This includes:

  • A two-or four-channel Auto Tracking-capable server.
  • A hybrid Lecture Capture-capable server.

“We’ve all experienced video fatigue in recent times. With traditional lecture capture technology offering a simple video or audio recording, viewers can easily be bored or disengaged,” said Jason Shelton, senior solutions development manager, Panasonic. “Presentations now require so much more than a talking head, but rather a multi-source, fully sensory experience. Now, presentations in any setting can be performed and delivered with crisp visuals and accurate tracking of the speaker offering more pathways to listen, comprehend and engage.”