Panasonic Intros New 50″, 65″, 85″ and 103″ Interactive Displays

panasonic-interactive-0613Panasonic has launched a new line of plasma-based interactive displays that integrate whiteboard-style collaborative functions with pen-touch capabilities via an Electronic Pen System that detects and displays the input device’s position from the light emitted from the display. The system allows up to four pens to be used simultaneously for actions such as written annotation, drawing and moving items independently around the screen. The system also has a remote pointer function that allows users to point, draw and annotate from up to 16 feet away (85/103PB1 is from up to 26 feet away). Only the pen is detected, so there are no false touches caused by contact with clothing or hands. Because the technology is based on fixed location pixels, the device requires no calibration, which decreases total installation time as well as follow up maintenance. In addition, the pen can be used as a mouse without extra software or driver.

Offered as the 50-inch TH-50PB2U, 65-inch TH-65PB2, 85-inch TH-85PB1 and 103-inch TH-103PB1, these plasma displays also feature wireless capabilities and a cable-free design. Data on a PC screen can be easily transmitted via a Panasonic Easy Wireless Stick  (ET-UW100) without the need to switch cables for each presenter or changing any
network settings. Additionally, Multiple Transmission Mode allows data from up to 16 PCs to be shown in different cells on a single screen, or data from one PC to be shown on up to eight displays. The 50” and 65” interactive displays include a redesigned, easily rechargeable pen with a pressure sensor on the tip for a fountain pen-like feel, as well as a dedicated, one-action eraser button. These models also feature increased screen brightness for improved use in rooms with high levels of ambient light. Finger touch capability can be incorporated with the use of an optional overlay accessory.

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The 50-inch , 65-inch , 85-inch  and 103-inch are available now and list for $2,000, $5,000, $30,000 and $49,995, respectively. Here are all the specs.