Panasonic Enters the Media Server Market

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Panasonic Connect Europe (thus, the US too) announced that it will launch the first of a new range of Media Processors in 2024 designed for multi-projection. The product is ideal for touring and fixed installation immersive experiences. It will simplify workflows while delivering high-quality content for the Location Based Entertainment industry using Panasonic’s projectors. According to the company, it could work with any projector.

Traditionally, computing power for immersive experiences is installed in dedicated server rooms – taking valuable space and requiring lots of cabling and power. The new Media Processor enables a new flexible and efficient approach with computing power deployed locally in the cellular system, with each projector having its own GPU close by. This eliminates cabling and provides resilience against signal loss.

The Media Processor combines the computing power of a media server with the flexibility of a compact and cost efficient media player, enabling content to be projected onto any surface such as flat and curved screen with capabilities for domed and 3D objects to follow in future versions. The new Media Processor will be available in two formats. A compact hardware box for convenient location outside of the media server room and closer to the projectors and an Intel Smart Display Module (SDM) version for integration directly into Panasonic SDM-equipped projectors, simplifying systems. Both versions will be available for an exclusive preview at ISE 2024 in Barcelona from January 30th to February 2nd.

Everything about the new Media Processor is designed to make the lives of operators easier without compromising on quality. For touring attractions, it reduces transportation space, speeds installation and set-up time with its tailored functionality, minimizes the need for skilled engineers and enables users to deal with just one manufacturer in case of any questions or issues. For fixed installations, it also provides the choice to reduce costs by eliminating the need for the server room and extensive cabling – removing backroom infrastructure and providing more space for the attraction.

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“Our vision is to continue to simplify the AV systems and workflows for the Location-based Entertainment industry,” added Hartmut. “As we move forward, we will develop new functionality for the system while ensuring that users have the flexibility to update only what they require. This will further increase usability and maximize return on investment from the solution.”

The Panasonic Media Processor is scheduled for release in Q2 of 2024, with the SDM version to follow in Q4 of 2024.