Panasonic Connect Focuses on Sustainability With New Projector

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Panasonic Connect announced its most sustainable projector to date with the introduction of the LCD MZ882 Series. With brightness up to 8,200 lumens, the company says the MZ882 Series “sets a new benchmark for visual quality in education and workspaces while placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and cost performance.”

Panasonic says the MZ882 Series represents a milestone in the company’s effort to reduce the carbon footprint of its products, for the first time including recycled resins (10%) in the main projector unit and featuring recyclable components throughout. The projector, which minimizes waste by reducing packaging and related accessories, introduces energy-saving innovations while delivering the bright, sharp images in well-lit rooms that customers have “come to expect.”

The company says the Series’ refined optical engine boosts brightness over the existing MZ880 Series with an up to 8.7% increase in lm/W efficiency. The MZ882 Series also introduces an intelligent auto power-on function, starting projection upon signal detection and minimizing continuous projector operation during presentations. The ECO Filter can be washed and reused twice to limit waste, while light source and filter maintenance is recommended at 20,000 hours.

The MZ882 Series produces sharp, detailed images in well-lit spaces for clear visibility that’s easier on the eyes. Image realism and energy efficiency are further enhanced by Dynamic Contrast, delivering a high 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio with scene-linked modulation control to the light source.

Panasonic says detail Clarity Processor analyses the video signal through each scene for an improved sense of clarity. Daylight View Basic measures the environmental lighting and performs real-time corrections to enhance brightness perception and optimize energy use. For multi-screen applications, the company says the projector supports Shutter Sync and Contrast Sync functions and is compatible with Panasonic’s Geometry Manager Pro software.