Panasonic Connect Europe Adds New EQ2-PCAP to its Range of 4K Touch Displays at ISE 2023

Panasonic Connect Europe 4K Touch DisplaysPanasonic Connect Europe today expanded its range of 4K touch displays with the introduction of the EQ2-PCAP Series. With six screen options ranging from 43 to 86 inches, these premium interactive multi-touch professional displays with Capacitive Touch Technology are designed for collaboration.

The new EQ2-PCAP Series has 10-point multi-touch capability using bare or gloved hands and have 500cd/m2 of brightness using an anti-glare surface. Content can be displayed in portrait or landscape mode — spec’d for 18 hours of continuous operation — with a 20 degree tilt angle. Panasonic aims these for use in meeting rooms, classrooms or digital signage.

For connectivity and a clean look without set-top-boxes or cables, the EQ2-PCAP Series is equipped with the Intel SDM specification slot supporting applications such as wireless presentation systems and digital signage and broadcasts using a terminal board.

USB devices can be connected to the display via a USB Type A cable and controlled using a PC connected to the EQ2-PCAP via the USB Type C port. This functionality is ideal for a simple and quick start to video conferences. If a camera or speakerphone is permanently connected to the display in a conference room, a user can just plug in their PC and immediately control all devices to start the meeting.

The Series is equipped with HDMITM (x 3), PC and USB Type C video input terminals. LAN or serial control is possible, and simultaneous control and batch management can be performed via the network. The displays support LAN control with AMX or Crestron ConnectedTM. The Series also supports Screen Transfer, which enables a PC to stream content to up to 64 displays connected with a wired LAN.

The Panasonic EQ2-PCAP Series will be available Q1 of 2023 and all the specs are here.