Panasonic Connect Announces Touch Control Panel Software for KAIROS IT/IP Platform

Touch PS

Panasonic Connect announced the June 2023 release of a new Touch Control Panel Software for its KAIROS IT/IP platform, a live-video production and distribution system for professional use.

The touch control panel software option AT-SFTC10 (software key) enables the multiviewer touch-panel control to be used for switching, macro, scene selection, clip playback and other operations in the KAIROS system. Touch operation is easier and more intuitive than using buttons on the control panel (including software control panel), and even can be implemented with a touch-panel PC without installing Kairos Creator. The AT-SFTC10 further expands the KAIROS multi-operation environment.

The Panasonic “KAIROS” platform is not only being used in production but also in esports.