Panasonic Lasers Projectors Provide Immersive Experiences in Vegas Creative Event Space

Panasonic collab with AREA15Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America announced a collaboration with AREA15, an experiential event and entertainment district located just off the Strip in Las Vegas. AREA15 offers a curation of vibrant, themed entertainment experiences and ever-changing art and retail experiences for locals and visitors of all ages. This five-year collaboration with Panasonic will provide AREA15 with Panasonic solutions such as software development, engineering, projection design, show-quality support, projectors and more to provide 360-degree visual experiences.

AREA15 is utilizing Panasonic’s PT-RQ35KU 3-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE 4K laser projectors for its multi-purpose Live Events space, The Portal. Each of the 14 PT-RQ35s deliver 30,000lm of high brightness and 4K resolution for realistic and vivid images. The PT-RQ35KU Series is the latest addition to the wide range of laser projectors already in use. The PT-RQ35KU’s were installed, stacked and calibrated for simplified workflows to significantly reduce logistics and installation hassles.

Here’s a video that shows AREA15:

“Over the last few years and especially as audiences return to in-person events, Panasonic has recognized a growing demand among consumers around the globe for more out-of-the-box, immersive experiences,” said John Baisley, senior vice president of professional imaging & visual systems, PSSNA. “We’re proud to answer the call by collaborating with AREA15 to bring the best, most creative, 360-degree immersive entertainment to audiences in the entertainment capital of Las Vegas and around the world. From the immersive Van Gogh exhibits to the first Illuminarium Experiences spectacle in Atlanta, Panasonic’s state-of-the-art projection and lens technology has played a pivotal role in bringing successful entertainment experiences to life.”

Panasonic began its partnership with AREA15 in spring 2021. The first experience using Panasonic projectors inside AREA15’s Portal, a 7,500 square foot, 360-degree projection-mapped room, was the critically acclaimed tour, “Van Gogh, the Immersive Experience.” In addition to showcasing immersive art experiences to thousands of visitors inside the Portal, Panasonic’s 4K projectors, such as the PT-RQ35KU series, provide backdrops for theater performances, music concerts, corporate events, private parties and more.