Panasonic Announces Two Lamp-Free HDBaseT Projector Series

panasonic-pt-rz470-0612Panasonic announced at InfoComm two lamp-free projector series with HDBaseT technology. These new projectors replace a conventional lamp with new LED/laser diodes to realize long lasting high brightness. The one-chip DLP PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series projectors will be made available in two different resolutions, 1080p (1920×1080) and WXGA (1280×800). Panasonic says the new lighting technology offers 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.
Based on Valens HDBaseT technology, Panasonic’s Digital Link is embedded in the projector series, allowing a single cable to transmit uncompressed videos signals, audio, and control commands up to 100 meters (328 feet). The need for an external receiver is eliminated when the projectors are used together with Panasonic’s new ET-YFB100 switcher box or other switchers with HDBaseT chipset.
They also have an ambient light sensor (which the company calls its Daylight View Basic technology) and adjusts the brightness based on the surrounding lighting conditions. Together with the wide color space and vivid colors of the projector, they help viewing of the projectors in rooms with bright lights. DICOM Simulation mode is also available for use in medical training applications.
The PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series are designed with 2x zoom and wide lens shift range. This provides flexibility for replacement installations, eliminating the need to reposition an existing universal ceiling mount.
The PT-RZ470 Series support 360-degree installation and portrait mode projection. No intricate mirror is necessary to realize these special projections, changing and expanding the way projectors can be used in a variety of environments. They are equipped with a number of professional features, including built-in edge blending, color matching and multi-unit brightness control function that enables multiple unit projection without any need for external processors. 3D compatibility is another benefit boasted by the new series.
The PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series projectors will be available starting in Q4 2012.
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